E-40 - Look At Me


Özel Üye
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Whas happenin whas happenin?
You got to love this yere nigguh
My boys my Hot Boys
Juve and ??
Bout to lace this game nigga
Do it the way we do it with E-4-0 Charlie Hustle

Look I went from rags to riches stank hoes to bad bitches
Stealin niggaz cars to TV's in Expeditions
Thuggin is how I play it everyday all day
I keep it all the way real I can't see it no other way
I represent mines Hot Boys
Slip up my whole click rides get shot boy
That's how it go; we straight do or die - we checkmate holdin niggaz
Then come where yo' momma lay down and kick in the do' nigga
(Juvenile! Juvenile! Juvenile!)

Let's get this shit ¤¤¤¤¤lin