Gitar Stüdyo 400 Watt Güç Amplifikatörü


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Gitar Stüdyo 400 Watt - Gitar Stüdyo Amplifikatör - Amplifikatör Devreleri - 400 Watt Amplifikatör

Şema ve PCB Dosyalarını buradan indirebilirsiniz resim formatında ve kaynak çizimler var kullanılan program Pcad 4.5

The administration, indicating and switching located on the front and back panels. For each of the entrances there is a regulator of the amplifier input to establish the necessary sensitivity. STEREO MONO. Amplifier can be operated in two modes – STEREO and MONO. In mono amplifier inputs are connected in parallel, which allows free entry to use the remainder as a linear way for further increases in the number of working in parallel amplifiers. – . Stereo-mono switch is located on the rear panel. 220v 250v At the rear panel also located the nest entrance, the network fuse, the output terminals, the switch-voltage switch 220/250 V and damping factor. The switch allows you to change the damping factor damping acoustic systems and consequently the nature of their sound

The main technical characteristics:
Nominal input voltage 1,1 V (+3 dB)
Nominal sine power per channel, limited distortion of 1%:
4 400 4 Om 400 W
8 220 8 ohms 220 W
Range of operating at frequencies uneven -0.5 dB 20-20000 Hz
The speed of rising output . In 25 / mkS
10,01 % no more: at a frequency of 1 kHz 0,01%
0,1 % in a working band 0,1%
/+.96 Signal to Noise + background . 96 dB
Damping factor switchable .
Tension pitaniya.220V/50-60 Hz
Limit stress tolerance in the network 170-270 V
The minimum allowable load resistance 2,5 Om
Dimensions . 482 * 430 * 90 mm
Weight . 16 kG