Kristal Boncuk veya İnci ile Bileklik Yapalım..Resimli anlatım

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I didn't have time to go through the step by step directions for this, but hopefully all the people who have been writing me asking for the pattern will be able to do it from the graphs I made up.

It's just 2 rows of Right Angle Weave. :)

The arrow pattern (the pearls) are marked with red on the pattern. The unmarked beads are the crystals. The blue lines are the first row to be worked. Repeat pattern to length.

On this picture, the blue lines show the second row.

I hope to make a full tutorial of this in the future for those of you who don't know how to do 2 rows of Right Angle Weave (R.A.W.), and when I do, I'll just add the step by step pics to this page.

After I get the RAW part done, I just go around the outside and fill the spaces with size 11.0 seeds.

I used 4mm Swarovski pearls and double AB Swarovski bicones on this one, with 10lb clear Fireline and a button type Maglock clasp. And I did it with single needle can do double needle if you prefer. :)