Limbonic Art - Beyond The Candles Burning


Özel Üye
Sponsorlu Bağlantılar
I am a dark star rising on the raveous bleaky sky
A black diamond slunning so deep within the night
Maliciously I dwell in a bluish shaded beam
With a stonecold heart into the core of my being

Beyond the candles burning beyond all minds eye
A vast emperic enigma awaits me as I die
In a graceful dance obscene in a ring of fire
I obtain my majesty as flames caressing higher

Release my spirit unleash my soul
From the darkest dungeon oblivion call
In the phallic halls of ancient forlorn
A cold sanctuary in doom is born

Past present and future are all the same
While the cosmic wheel is turning
But deaden dwells the eternal flame
Beyond the candles burning