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Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi Fen Edebiyat Fakültesi


The Faculty of Arts and Sciences has the following nine Departments:
[/SIZE] There are ten undergraduate programs offered by these departments. The Department of Biology offers Molecular Biology and Genetics Program in addition to its core biology program.
The Departments also offer programs at both master's and doctoral level. Physics and Psychology Departments have additional master's program at Astrophysics and Industrial and Organisational Psychology respectively.
The basic philosophy of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences is to enable students to become well educated, innovative, professionally capable and enlightened university graduates and to stimulate in them an enthusiasm for their subject coupled with a sprit of intellectual tolerance and critical awareness. In line with this philosophy, the departments in the Faculty specifically aim at

  • providing the best possible learning environment to stimulate both learners and teachers;

  • designing course structures that are flexible, accessible and attractive;

  • training students to work independently, both in group context and individually so as to foster self-confidence, autonomy and the ability to innovate and display initiative;

  • encouraging students to go beyond their specialist discipline through a continuous emphasis on interdisciplinary study

  • providing for students the opportunity to explore the approaches and methodologies adopted by other disciplines through the inter-disciplinary structure at the university level, and to inculcate in them an opennes and flexibility to alternative views.
The Faculty is one of the leading Faculties of Arts and Sciences in Turkey, offering students the unique combination of high academic stand, very developed research facilities and employment success. Students are provided with a sound theoretical and practical foundation in natural and social sciences so as to prepare them to carry out professional as well as academic work. The Faculty is a rich resource of elective courses for the students of other Faculties in METU . Approximately 130 elective courses are offered by nine departments to help students to develop additional interests in different subject matters.
Teaching methods include lectures, tutorials and seminars and especially in the departments of physics, chemistry, and biology practical laboratory work plays a vital role. The departmental laboratories are shared between research and teaching and are periodically updated. Suitable equipment and welt qualified technical and support staff are available to support the teaching activities.
The departments in the Faculty provide a wide range of minor and double major programs. The aim of the minor graduate programs is to enable academically succesful students for furthering their education in other subjects they are interested in. Double major undergraduate programs are designed for outstanding students to have a second undergraduate diploma from another department within the Faculty or from other departments of four faculties of the University.
The aim of graduate programs is to give graduates the opportunity to achieve a qualification which enable them to make an immediate contribution in their future chosen careers. The departments place considerable emphasis upon graduate student research and encourage M.A. and Ph.D. students to publish their research findings in national and international periodicals. The Faculty and its departments, in collaboration with the Graduate Schools of Natural and Applied Sciences and Social Sciences also conduct several interdisciplinary masters and doctoral programs in various areas. These areas are; Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Polymer Science and Technology, Archeometry, Gender and Women's Studies and Science and Technology Policy Studies.

The Faculty organizes symposia, seminars and workshops to create an environment in which current scientific discussions can be made and to encourage and stimulate national and international collaborative work.
The Faculty is comprised of a motivated and dynamic academic staff engaged in research at the forefronts of basic sciences and technologies. The Faculty is also leading in the number and quality of papers published in internationally and nationally well established journals.

[SIZE=-1]Faculty of Arts and Sciences Middle East Technical University 06531, Ankara TÜRKİYE[/SIZE]

[SIZE=-1] Phone : +90 312 210 3101 Fax : +90 312 210 3100 e-mail :wwwfef@metu.edu.tr[/SIZE]