The Simple Past Tense Konu Anlatımı

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Simple Past Tense

Geçmişte belirli bir zamanda (last year, yesterday, two weeks ago gibi) olan eylemleri anlatmada Geçmiş Zaman (Simple Past Tense) kullanılır.

v Bill Clinton was in Turkey in 1999

v I was in Europe two months ago

v The soldiers were in their barracks at six o’clock

v We played tennis last week.

v They talked to Mr Gibs last Monday

v Ali came to visit me last July

v How many books did you read last month?

v When / what time did it start snowing?

v How many students did the teachertalk to?

v Yılmaz was sick yesterday evening

v I saw her when/while I was in İzmir

v We met on Sunday.

*** When ile yapılan sorularda daima Simple Past kullanılır.

v When did you see the film?

Simple Past Kullanılan Yapılar:

1. It is time …
2. I’d rather
3. I wish
4. If Clause Type I
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